How to avoid fake derma roller

I get asked this a lot (how to avoid fake derma roller), so I figured I’d dedicate a short post to it:


When you get a new roller, how can you tell if it’s indeed safe, high quality, and not a fake derma roller?


The bad news is that it’s sometimes very hard or even impossible to know. For example, you cannot easily check if the roller has been gamma-sterilized or not. It is difficult to decide even if the length of the needles on your roller is accurate.


How to avoid fake derma roller & spot the good ones


I have been pissed-off by fake, low-quality rollers, but luckily had found & been using good rollers, with that said, I am able to provide you with the following tips/guidelines:


Before you order


  1. Never order a roller if it’s priced really cheap.  Be careful with these $1 rollers on eBay a reader asked me about once.
  2. Buy from a reputable company, not some desolate online shop.
    Never take what a shop says about its roller for granted. It may be true, it may be a lie.
    Google the site/company name and try to find the opinions and experience of other people with that shop but not just the shop but also the specific roller model you’re considering ordering.
  3. Be extra careful with unbranded rollers. If a site claims that they make their own rollers or “at the same factory that makes…” – it is something suspicious.


After Ordering & Receiving


OK, so these were tips about how to avoid buying a bad roller in the first place, but what if you ALREADY BOUGHT one and want to determine if it’s a good, safe one?


It’s hard to tell the difference between a fake and an original, but few signs can quickly hint a low quality/fake roller:


  1. Examine the needles. Are they completely aligned with each other? Are they all the same size/length? If not, or if you see a bent needle, dispose the roller immediately.
  2. Examine the box. If the cover has no logo, or if the logo doesn’t match the roller inside, be very suspicious. Who is the manufacturer? Ask whoever sold it to you and go to #3.
  3. Look up the manufacturer. For example, if your roller’s package says ‘clinical resolution USA’, google their name and get to their site, then look for things to look for in the roller to confirm its authenticity.
    (for this specific example, visit, click the second tab from the left and you will see pictures of how an AUTHENTIC roller must look like).


Have you received a fake roller? Share your experience with me and warn other people!
Found an honest shop that sells good rollers for a fair price? I’d like to hear about that too!


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25 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, can you advise me which are the website i can go to purchase dermaroller? Thanks in advance!

  2. homeroller says:

    I once posted the address for the website where I buy my (good) rollers but removed it to avoid the suspicion of advertisement.

    So please email me and I’ll send you the name of the website privately.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I’m not clear on what the problem is with buying a fake roller? In what way are they dangerous? I just bought one off Ebay, shipping from China, and now I’m really nervous about it! Thanks!

  4. homeroller says:

    Hi Anonymous (if you’re the one who’s also sent me an e-mail with this question, I emailed you back with the same answer)

    I personally think that a medical device that penetrates your skin needs to be bought from a responsible company, and China is not exactly known for that. A roller can be faulty in many ways. For one, there are different types of needles, surgical is the one you want. In the listing your sent me [in the e-mail] it says “stainless steel”. Other issues are the width of the needles and the pre-sterilization – those are quite impossible to check once you get the roller.
    Again, I’m not a doctor so I’m only speaking my opinion here. I’m not saying using this roller will necessarily cause you infection etc., because I don’t know. I can only tell you that I wouldn’t risk using one of those rollers. But in the end, it is for each of us to make his own decision when buying any product, not just rollers.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi, thanks for your help, and I cancelled that order from eBay I had places. 🙂 I’ll get a different one with sugical steel, as you suggested.

  6. homeroller says:

    There is only one genuine Dr.Roller and it is made in Korea. AFAIK sell the exact same product only more expensively.

  7. homeroller says:

    Never heard of ‘Health First’ derma roller, also I searched but couldn’t find it on eBay. So I can’t answer you, but I always recommend getting a Dr.Roller or at least one of the other known brands (ZGTS, MNS).

  8. homeroller says:

    Update: You can now use my coupon (type “homeroller”) at and get a 10% discount on your orders.

  9. homeroller says:

    @Anonymous – from the links you gave I recognize only the ZGTS. The others are just a few of the many generic derma rollers apparently with just more needles (540 instead of 192), probably they assume that a higher number of needles will sound more impressive… Looks like a gimmick to me, anyway… if you try any of these roller let me know what you think of them. Good luck with your stretch marks!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hello my Derma Roller is from eBay and the brand is, Health First, do you think this is a reliable brand?

  11. homeroller says:

    I wash it under hot water then spray it with alcohol (70% or stronger) a few times. Every now and then I soak the whole roller in alcohol for 10-20 minutes, then let it dry completely before putting it back in its container.

  12. homeroller says:

    I purchased a MRS roller and used it once. Im a lot worried now. Have you heard of that brand?
    Many thanks

  13. homeroller says:

    Sorry, never heard of it. Probably a generic Chinese roller. Let us know if it’s any good 🙂 And next time you can get a Dr.Roller or MNS/ZGTS if you’re not sure…

    • Anonymous says:

      Well I tried it last night. Didnt know you can put anesthetic cream on . . ooh well I just rolled away!! Face was very red, felt tight and puffed but strangely skin looked good! Feeling a bit tender today! Not sure if I can do this every day? Is that ok?
      Many thanks :o)

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi i recently purchased a MRS 1.50mm medical titanium roller from i have not used it yet as i wasnt sure whether a 1.50mm could be used around the eye region for wrinkles and bags. Is this a brand you are aware of and is the needle length suitable for home use around the eye area. On the side of the box it does indicate that 1.5mm is for physican use and not home use but it was sold on Amazon for personal use. Any advice would be appreciated

  15. homeroller says:

    Hi. DON’T use a 1.5mm under the eye! I have a post about that somewhere in this blog. Use only up to 0.25mm if you must. 1.5mm is usually for the body (stretch marks, scars) and sometimes used on the face but again, not under the eye. It’s a delicate area and you don’t want to ruin it further. This is a doctor’s advice, not mine.

  16. Anonymous says:

    hi, i would like to ask you, which dermaroller should i use for the celulite? which needles? and how you do it? the moves are the same like the face?
    thank you so much.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I know this was an old post of yours but I wanted to comment anyway. I actually had contacts with dr.Roller company and it turns out they in fact buy the rollers from China, just as others do. Then they sell them of a very big profit, almost criminal I think (buy for less than $5, sell for $80). 🙂

    So I don’t agree with your advice that one should buy only from “legit” companies, they all have the same source…

  18. homeroller says:

    Dr.Roller rollers are manufactured in South Korea by Moohan, not in China. But you are right, $80 is indeed too much for ANY roller. But I happen to know for a fact that the factory doesn’t sell the rollers for $5 a piece like you say, even if bought in huge quantities. It’s more in the the $15-$20 area.

  19. homeroller says:

    To “Anonymous Mar 1, 2012 06:03 AM” I haven’t used the roller for cellulite but the recommended size in this case would be 1.0mm, of course with the proper solutions (one of which vitamin C).

  20. Anonymous says:

    did anyone order from is it a scam or legit website? i wanna know before i purchase

  21. Anonymous says:

    my dermatologist suggested 2 mm titanium derma roller for my stretch marks nd cellulite what do you think ?knowing that im slimmy

  22. homeroller says:

    I think 2mm can be quite painful if you don’t numb the skin properly.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I do believe some of comments on here are very misleading,Most items are made in china look around your homes people so when people say its fake its from china that is in correct as most of the items we use are imported from china.There are some very good quality compnaies in china that make skin rollers. Dont waste your money on expensive skin rollers like anything when a new product comes out many companies then tend to make a similar design, it does not mean they are fake its just another design and another brand and copied slightly different , no different to other products and some are excellent quality being a skin roller user for over 2 years, i have used many even the cheap ones with no problems what so ever, Use common sense and test on your arm 24 hours before,so long as you check the roller and keep it clean you should have no issues with it. Some only last one use some a few weeks and some months, you pay for what you get .0.5m is recommended for the face anything below that is a waste of money as it does not induct collagen. If you have never used a skin roller before go for a good cheap one what is CE approved using stainless steel medical grade needles and you cant go wrong.
    1.0m and 1.5 are used mainly on the body, with the exception of maybe using a 1.0m on very deep lines or scars around certain parts on the face with caution.
    Trust your instincts not all cheap rollers are poor quality so long as they have good info and the company is good and they are CE approved with medical grade stainless steel needles you are ok and also the most important part is the cleaning of it.How you look after it is important aswell

  24. homeroller says:

    I mostly agree. The China made rollers are not necessarily bad, but still, the South Korean ones (Dr.Roller for example) are of better quality.