Scar Diary (1st)

OK this is the 3rd diary in the series in which I’m taking pictures of my skin after each treatment. This time I’ll be checking the progression of a certain wound scar I have in my leg. I’ve had this ugly scar for almost 3 years now. This is what

Eyespot Diary (1st)

I also took a picture of the pigmentation I got just under my left eye. This is something I tried get rid of for AGES. I used all kinds of creams (including one containing hydroquinone), had it burnt with liquid hydrogen (by the doctor, of course) etc.. All in vain. Will

Stretchmark Diary (1st)

I promised to upload photos of my stretch marks so we can judge the results of the dermaroller (hopefully there will be results!) together. So here it is: Show » I managed to find a pic of my stretch marks from 2008. This picture is good quality, the newer pics

How to choose a derma roller?

There are several questions which most people have before choosing which dermaroller to buy. The key decisions required are what needle length(s) to get and which brand of roller to get. CHOOSING THE BRAND Although you won’t be able to buy the original Dermaroller (because it’s now sold only to

What’s a Derma (skin) roller?

Derma (skin) rollers have become increasingly popular over the last decade, and many women and men use them for all sorts of skin-related problems: acne, scars, cellulite, stretch marks, anti-aging, wrinkles, and even hyper-pigmentation.  A derma (skin) roller is a small barrel-like roller with around 200 tiny micro-needles that, when

Why I created this blog

My “affair” with dermarolling began a few months ago. I came across it while searching the web for a new way to treat my stretch marks, as I have some really stubborn ones on my thighs and buttocks, and the various creams that I’ve used before resulted in absolutely nothing