Jojoba -> Hazelnut

I began making my Skin Restore Serum with Hazelnut oil as the base oil instead of Jojoba. Hazelnut oil has the advantage of not becoming thick in cooler temperatures, so you can conveniently store the serum in the fridge to extend its life span. It is also used in many

Update 3/9/11

I finally managed to find some time to roll my stretch marks again this last Saturday (3/5). I rolled really hard with a 1.5mm, I have to say it is still not very pleasant, even though I used Emla. I usually leave it for an hour before starting to roll,

Derma Roller review: Dr.Roller

When I look back at when I first started reading about Skin Needling and Skin Rollers, I remember that for some reason, it was very clear to me, right from the start, that my first roller would be a Dr. Roller. There just seemed to be a wide consensus that

Update Pics 2/25/2011

I realized I haven’t uploaded update pics for a while, so here they are, most of them were taken 2 weeks after the last rolling. Be sure to click on a picture to see it in full size, otherwise you are missing the details. Show » Some close-ups: Show »

Where to Buy a Dr.Roller

Quite a few online shops offer skin rollers, but most of them are either greatly overpriced (click the first result on google for it to see what I mean…), or sell fake or cheap and very low quality rollers in generic cases (usually made in China). I have written before

Roller review: ZGTS Titanium

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I was going to try a new roller brand called ZGTS Titanium. Well, I ordered it. And it arrived. And I’ve been using it a couple of times so I can now give you my first impressions of it. Packaging: The

Update Pics (1/24) and Exciting News

I took these update pictures a couple of days ago but only just found the time to upload them. My last rolling session was two weeks ago. For the same time I’m noticing a significant improvement in the marks even when my leg is bent (pictures 5-7). OK, now for

Update Pics 1/17/11

These pics were taken 2 days after the last rolling: As usual, when I bend my leg the marks look worse (still a lot better than they were, though): If I had to speak in numbers I would say that so far I am seeing an improvement by nearly 40%,

1.5 mm rolling again…

I finally found the time to do some serious rolling (1.5 mm). The pictures were taken the following morning after rolling. It may not look like it in the pictures, but my skin got VERY red, I rolled really hard. It kind of makes the stretch marks look worse than