Picture Update 7/2/2011

How time flies! I can hardly believe it’s been almost a year (!) since I started this blog and my dermarolling treatments! In this picture update I kept the original image size so you can really see the fine details. As expected, the stretch marks are not gone, but the

How to spot a fake Dr.Roller

Dr.Roller has gained a reputation for being the best skin roller for home use (and for a good reason, IMO), so I guess it was only a matter of time before fake copies of it emerged on the market. A few days ago a blog reader wrote to me that

Quick Updates: Pigmentation, DermaStamp & Emla Alternative(?)

Sorry I have not posted in the past few weeks…I’ll return to normal posting soon. In the mean time, a few quick updates: 1. Dr.Roller for Pigmentation  (See here to see the start) I have NOT been successful fading the pigmentation spot with a 1.5mm roller and Sea Buckthorn oil significantly. I suspect the

Update VID 22/4/2011

I usually post pics of my stretch marks but this time, having received my new Samsung Galaxy S, I wanted to try something new and post a short video showing what my skin looks like after a HARD rolling. It’s not a pretty sight, I know…. I had applied Emla

Dr.Roller for Hyper-Pigmentation – Update #3

So far so… bad. After 3 rolling sessions with Sea Buckthorn oil, the spot has changed only to the worse. True, the red circle around the spot is something you would expect from derma-rolling as the spot is too small compared to the size of the roller. Still, I expected

A Test: Dr.Roller for Hyper-Pigmentation

So, derma rollers have improved my stretch marks quite a bit, but what about pigmentation marks (or as they are commonly called “brown spots” or “sun spots”) ? For a while, I’ve been wanting to test to see if a derma roller could also be used for pigmentation, but I