Top 5 (Facial) Sun Creams

In the days after dermarolling (and in general) it is advised to protect the skin from the sun. Especially when rolling delicate areas such as the face and all the more when the reason for the rolling is hyper pigmentation (usually rolling and applying lightening agents).

Over the years I’ve tested a lot of anti-sun creams and I would like to share with you the ones I found to be the best ones.

They are all good but I still rated them 5 to 1 with #1 being my favourite.

Pic with some of my creams.. Just so you believe me that I’ve really used them.

#5: Vaseline Men Face Anti-Spot Whitening Moisturiser SPF 15 50g

This line of products series isn’t sold everywhere, and I actually found it while travelling in Thailand (later I ordered it on eBay).  It has a nice smell (not too gentle, though) but I suspect it won’t be so good for very light skin as it is only SPF 15. The packaging clearly says it’s for men but I don’t see why women wouldn’t be able to use it as well.

#4: Moraz Face Sun Saver (SPF-50)

Moraz is an Israeli company whose product line is based on Polygonum Multiflorum- a Chinese herb known for its skin (and other health) benefits. In addition to protecting the skin from the sun this ingredient is supposed to also rehabilitate it.
One of their recent products is “FACE SUN SAVER”. It features both UVA/UVB protection and a high SPF factor of 50. Despite this high SPF it manages to absorb itself in the skin very quickly, adding to that the fact that the cream is not the typical white but sort of beige (as result of the Polygonum I suspect).
All in all it’s a good sunscreen that I really like using.

#3: Avène Hydrance Rich Hydrating cream (SPF 20)

Avène is a very famous French cosmetics company. Their products are excellent albeit somewhat expensive. I used their SPF 20 moisturising cream for everyday use (when it’s not too sunny). It’s very lightweight, has a wonderful smell and gives your face a natural shine.
For prolong exposures to the sun and for very sensitive skin I’d suggest their High Protection Mineral Cream SPF 50.

And now to the “editor’s choice”….

#2 Glisodin

#2 is actually not a cream. It’s an antioxidant that you take orally (in the form of capsules).
I won’t bore you with all the details about it which you can get here and here.
The thing is, besides it being supposedly healthy for you, it has the nice side effect of preventing your skin from getting a sunburn too fast. If you take 2-3 capsules every day for 3 days or so, then the following day you’ll notice it takes your skin much longer to be affected by the sun (get a tan).
Does it replace the need for a sunscreen? I can’t say (I’d still use a cream) but I believe it definitely may help prevent some sun spots if you are prone to them – especially if you plan on going on a sunny trip.
Glisodin can be ordered online from health stores such as Vitacost.

#1: No.7 Anti-Dark Spot Facial Sun Protection SPF 50+

This is another one I picked up in Thailand in a Boots store. I love everything about this cream:

First, it smells GREAT. Secondly it gives your face a nice healthy shine (not TOO oily). And thirdly, despite its high SPF factor – and rich texture – it somehow manages to get absorbed REALLY smoothly.

This has become my favourite sun block cream by far, I highly recommend it if you’re undergoing any cosmetic procedure such as dermarolling, peeling etc. Plus, if you spend a lot of time in the sun and want to avoid dark spots as much as possible – this cream is definitely your first choice.

(By the way, there are also SPF 15 and SPF 30 versions of this cream which I haven’t tried but I suspect they’re just as good).

Do you have any favourite sun cream? Let me know!