Making My Own Calendula Baby Oil

Just a quick note about Calendula Oil from last post. Since the Weleda Calendula Oil is not cheap, I decided to make my own oil at home. Turns out it’s really easy, and actually I now prefer to use this oil, not only because it’s cheaper, but also because I can control what I put in it, for example I didn’t put any perfume or lanolin.

So here are the ingredients (you can buy them at a local health store or order them online on eBay etc.):

  1. Sesame Seed Oil. I bought  a 1 litre bottle just because it’s relatively cheap ($8).
    This is the main ingredient here, about 80% of the oil will be Sesame Oil.
    This oil should have a strong smell of Tahini sauce.
  2. Calendula Oil. This oil is more expensive, so I only bought a 20ml bottle. I’m not sure if it’s organic or not.
  3. Chamomile Oil. Now this oil is really expensive. I’m sure Weleda don’t use more than a few drops of it in their original solution and so did I.
The quantities are : 80% Sesame Oil (as base oil), 20% Calendula Oil, and a few drops of Chamomile Oil (about 6 drops per 50ml).
Sesame oil, Calendula oil (brand names remove)
Weleda’s oil also contains Almond Oil. I don’t really like to use this oil as base oil so I didn’t include it, but it does make the oil better-smelling. What I did instead was to add a few drops of Lavender oil (but you can add any other essential oil whose smell you like and that does not irritate the skin).
Here’s the result (be sure to use a dark bottle, preferably with a dropper cap, and store it away from any light):
My home-made mixture of Baby Calendula Oil
That’s it… Very easy and very effective! No chemicals! No perfume! …And my skin just sucks it in!