Does It Work? – Calendula Oil

Let me share you in on another secret. Another oil actually. And it’s not that I hadn’t used this oil before, I just didn’t realize up until recently just how useful it was.

The whole story started about 6 months ago with a few red spots on my skin – at first 2 of them appeared on the arms, then they spread to the sides of my body (waist and upwards). It wasn’t bothering me much, except it wasn’t very aesthetic at all. The spots looked like a round red circle, usually with a clear centre.

A week later I went to see a dermatologist. He took one look at it and knew what it was right away. He called it Nummular Dermatitis (also called: “Discoid Eczema”). He said it was nothing to worry about – it wasn’t even contagious. He prescribed me some kind of steroid ointment and that was it. But the ointment wasn’t helping much (if it helped, it was only a temporary relief, and new spots kept appearing), so a week later I returned to the doctor.

He still wasn’t worried. He explained that it’s some kind of allergic condition (apparently internal, even the doctors aren’t sure what causes it) and that I would just have to be patient and it will go away by itself. “When?” I asked. He said, a few months, maybe a year…

So I went on to read about this condition online. Turns out he was right. Nummular Dermatitis is not a serious condition but it tends to linger. And the best you can do is “control it”.

So that’s what I’ve been doing since: trying to control it.

I’ve tried several products (more than 3!) that were meant specifically for “atopic skin”. But they didn’t really work. I didn’t expect full recovery, just something that would keep the spots under control and minimize their appearance.

3 months after it all started someone my Shiatsu therapist recommended that I use Weleda’s Calendula Baby Oil. She swore it did wonders to her skin, and even to her dog’s skin condition once.

So I gave it a try. And guess what? It works!

Did it eliminate the spots entirely? No. But it did make them less apparent. And now, about 1 months after I started using it (I’ve been using it at least once every day), it finally looks like the spots are starting to fade for good. They are less in number and barely noticeable any more.

Weleda’s Calendula Baby Oil comes in a much bigger package too, but on my recent purchase I decided to get these mini-bottles of it (I ordered it from Vitacost):

They are tiny (10 ml each), but I like the fact that I can use it from a freshly-opened bottle often.

This oil is not 100% Calendula Oil, it also had Sesame oil and Almond oil I believe. But the Calendula itself is supposed to be 99% organic.

Be sure to use it directly after shower (once you get out of the shower don’t wait longer than 3 minutes to apply it). You want to apply it on supple skin.

All in all it’s a great product. So if you’re suffering from sensitive, itchy skin with or without eczema, I highly recommend that you give it a try. The only downside to this product is that they’ve apparently added a bit of fragrance to it. Natural fragrance, but still. I always prefer my oils fragrance-free. But, it doesn’t really matter since it still works and it is doing wonders to my skin.

So there you have it. Two products so far that you just MUST have in your home – Coconut and Calendula.

By the way, speaking of Coconut oil, since my last post I found this blog/website that focuses solely on the continuously discovered benefits of coconut oil –