Whitening Cream Update!

In my last post I talked about starting an experiment to try and eliminate some VERY stubborn pigmentation spots on my right cheek, right below the eye, with a new product called “elure” and a 0.25 mm derma roller to help speed up the process, and I promised to update on the progress – so here I am 🙂

To tell you the truth, at first I didn’t think my spots have faded at all. But then when I took a picture of my face this morning and put it side-by-side with the picture from the last post… Well I was positively surprised!

Take a look:

I guess that when you examine your skin every day it’s hard to notice progress if it’s very slow.

(I would like to stress out that I do not “photoshop” these pictures in any way! I take the pictures with my Galaxy S3 camera in my bathroom, with the same lightning and the same position of the myself & the camera, then I upload it to my computer and the only thing I do is resize and crop it.)

At this point I am a lot more optimistic than I was at the beginning of this month. I think that if I keep doing what I’m doing I might actually get to a point where my spots are finally entirely GONE.

In case you’ll want to try it yourself, here’s what I’ve been doing these last few weeks:

  • Applying the “elure” cream twice a day (morning and evening), after cleansing.
  • Every now and then, before applying the cream I rolled the spots several times with a 0.25 mm Dr.Roller. It made my skin red so I did it only at night, about an hour before going to bed (the “elure” cream is active for about an hour, then you can just wash it off if you want).
  • Prior to applying the cream I cleansed my face and some of the times also applied a gentle peel (either with a peeling cream or simply by applying Salicylic Acid 2%).
  • Stayed away from the sun as much as I could, and when I had to go out I’d always apply a 30 SPF sunscreen!
  • Oh, and I still continued to use the SVR products every second night or so (and also sometimes during the day if I knew I was not going out in the sun at all).
Now I’m worried because in a few days I’m going on vacation to a SUNNY place where it will be very difficult to avoid being under the sun… I hope I don’t come back with spots returning to the state they were in the beginning… Oh well… I guess I would then just have to start the process all over again. At least now I believe it can work!
The next update will be when I come back (about 3 weeks time).