Elure: A whitening cream that actually WORKS?

Hi everybody! I haven’t updated this blog in a very long time because, well, I was done with using my derma rollers. I got some nice results on my stretch marks over the year, and I also managed to pretty much vanish a scar I had on my leg.

So what brings me to write another post, almost half a year after my last one?

Hyper-Pigmentation Revisited

If you’ve ever had pigmentation marks (or sun spots) anywhere on your body then you know how difficult they are to treat. I’ve had a really stubborn spot under my right eye for as long as I can remember. I think I tried just about every cream on the market. I can’t remember all of them but here’s a list of the creams I do remember trying:

1. Mederma – I had high hopes for this one, what a huge disappointment. It caused my skin to breakout, while doing NOTHING for my pigmentation. It’s expensive. And it simply did not work for me.

2. Bio Oil –  I originally bought it to try it on my stretch marks, but also used it on my face. When you read reviews online you might believe it’s a miracle oil. The bottle says it will “even out your skin tone”. Didn’t happen to me! Waste of money and time, really.

3. SVR Clarial – This is the most recent cream I’ve tried. It is very expensive (around $80) but it was recommended to me by a dermatologist. I’ve been using both their C-10 Cream (vitamin C) and Clarial Cream (for de-pigmenting) for about 2 months now. I’m not sure it did anything to my sunspots. They perhaps faded just a little bit, but this could have been simply due to time passing by, and the fact that it’s winter now where I live.

4. No7. Lighten & Brighten –  I ordered this along with the SVR Clarial and I’ve been using them both actually. This company has been in the news recently for their anti-wrinkle cream which, it is said, does miracles. I am not to impressed with their anti-pigmentation cream, though. It has a gel texture, a little bit like glue only too watery. It causes breakouts, and – so far has made no difference in my sunspots.

I’ve also tried a few hydroquinone-based creams. They make your skin red and irritated, and you can’t go out in the sun AT ALL otherwise it makes your marks even darker !! So stay away from those, this stuff gave me no good results.

Elure – Finally a whitening cream that works?

I stumbled upon the name of this cream on a pigmentation forum. It is a new product (2012) allegedly created after an 8-year research in an Israeli university:

“Elure is the only clinically proven, topical skin lightening product that contains Melanozyme(TM), an enzyme derived from a mushroom, which effectively reduces the dark-colored pigment in skin. Many topical skin lightening products decrease melanin overproduction but they don’t target existingmelanin. Additionally, many contain hydroquinone, which can irritate skin. Elure addresses all causes of skin discolorations while remaining safe and non-aggravating”

This cream is very expensive (about $150-200), but it received very good reviews so I bought it. It comes in 2 (attached but separate) bottles, labelled “1” and “2”.  You use it by first applying some of the “1” bottle, then waiting for one minute,and finally applying the same amount from the “2” bottle on the same area. This 2nd cream is the “activator” – it interacts with the first cream to start fighting the Melanin (pigment) on your skin.

The approach here is very different from any other products on the market: instead of just inhibiting the production of *new* melanin in the skin, it works against *existing* Melanin in the skin. This means that you don’t have to wait weeks or months for skin turnover. The company says results are visible in just 7 days and continue to improve up until day 28.

Elure + Derma Roller = ?

The connection between the two is quite obvious: if the cream works directly on the skin pigment, why not “help” it by first needling the skin with a dermaroller to create the micro-channels into the deeper layer of the skin, and then apply the cream?

Now you understand why I’m back posting on the blog – – I have a new experiment to make!

I’m going to use “Elure” with a 0.25 mm derma roller (might switch to 0.5 mm later) to see if I get any fast results with this combination on my facial sunspots which I’ve suffered from for the last 8+ years (!!)

So, here’s my (almost) “before” picture (I took it today but I started using the cream 2 days ago):

Sunspots under my right eye. Will “elure” help fade them? Stay tuned!

What do you think? Will it work? If you are reading this and you’ve ever tried any product (successfully or unsuccessfully) on your sunspots or hyper-pigmentation PLEASE share your experiences in the comment-section below!