1 Year of my Blog! Year Summary!

This month my blog is celebrating its first year (can you believe it?), so I think it’s time for me to try and sum up my whole derma roller experience and tell you what I think about it so far. (After all, you might remember, this blog started as an experiment to see if derma rollers really work!).

Allow me to begin at the end: My stretch marks have improved so much that lately I don’t even feel I must continue and roll them anymore! If I had to talk in numbers I would say their appearance improved by 50%-60%.

See for yourself: (click a picture to see it in full size!)

Pretty neat, eh?

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And to think just a few months ago my stretch marks looked like this:

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Of course, the stretch marks are still there, but they are a lot more shallow and visible only when you look at it up close (which is, luckily, something that most people don’t usually do ;)).

The following pictures were taken using the “macro mode” in my camera:

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So, what did I do to achieve these results you ask?

There are 3 basic things:

  1. Derma rolling! Needless to say, I believe it’s the derma roller that really made a difference. I mostly used a 1.5mm Dr.Roller on my stretch marks, with 3-4 weeks intervals between sessions. I used Emla to numb the skin before rolling so I could roll hard.
  2. Vitamin C serum. I made My own vitamin C serum using vit.C powder. I applied it independently of derma-rolling (otherwise it stings) every couple of days, especially in the days just before rolling, and also the following.
  3. Oil Serum Again, I preferred to use my home made skin serum, which consists of several types of oils known for their skin healing properties, such as : Rose hip seed, Helichrysum Italicum, Evening Primrose, Carrot seed, Mustard and Cannabis .I apply several drops directly before rolling and once more moments afterwards, massaging it gently onto my skin and leaving it one for a few hours.Sometimes in between sessions I used a 0.5mm or a 1.0mm roller gently prior to applying this serum, again, just to help is get absorbed better.

Occassionally I applied a Retinyl acetate (vitamin A) ointment after rolling (can be bought at most pharmacies or ordered online).

If you’re going to follow this plan, also add to that a lot of patience! Results were starting to really be visible only 4 months into this regime.

Other Skin Conditions

  • Scars: I’ve been using the derma roller on a scar on my leg too and it is now virtually invisible (will add pictures later).
  • Brown Spots: I haven’t had much luck treating hyperpigmentation with the derma roller. In one case it looked like it only made it worse. I believe that it might work if you apply some sort of (NATURAL) lightening skin product while rolling (arbutin, licorice and kojic acid come to mind).
    I am now trying to treat small sun-induced pigmentation spots on my face using a derma roller (up to 0.5mm) with a product called Nano Collagen Whitening (I will report about it in a separate post).
  • Dark Circles: I’ve made the mistake of using a long needle roller under the eye (even 1.5mm once). I was later told by a dermatologist that the skin there is too thin and delicate for this kind of therapy. So recently I’ve started a new plan for my under eye dark circles, in short, using a short-needle (0.25mm) derma roller with Hyaluronic Acid (see original post).

That’s about it !

Are you too using a derma roller? If so, what are you trying to treat, and – how are your results so far?

Leave a comment below (or drop me an email) and share your experience.