Dr.Roller for Hyper-Pigmentation – Update #2

This is what the dark spot looked like earlier today:

I took that picture and then rolled again with 2 drops of Sea Buckthorn oil. This is what it looks like now (several hours have passed):

So, too early to speak of any results yet.

By the way, if you have used a derma roller then you know that after a rolling session the skin can become somewhat irritated and dry. Well, I’ve found the best solution for this problem, and a simple one too – virgin Coconut Oil!

This is a very cheap and common oil but it’s highly effective nonetheless. It gets absorbed rather quickly and really feeds and softens the skin. It also does not stain like regular oils (in room temperature coconut oil is actually solidified and hardened like butter, but it melts into oil the second it comes into contact with the skin).

(If you’re already using a topical for rolling, do not apply the coconut oil right away. Wait at least 30 minutes and then apply it).