Where to Buy a Dr.Roller

Quite a few online shops offer skin rollers, but most of them are either greatly overpriced (click the first result on google for it to see what I mean…), or sell fake or cheap and very low quality rollers in generic cases (usually made in China).

I have written before about fake rollers and their risks. Buying a quality derma roller is important for several reasons. For example, its needles must be made of surgical grade steel, not just ‘stainless steel’. And the finer they are the better. Also, the roller should be properly pre-sterilized, otherwise it puts you at risk of infection.

The best roller is still, in my opinion, Dr. Roller (see my review) made in South Korea. Other reasonable brands are MNS and ZGTS (although I must say I only tried the latter).
For a long time I avoided linking to an online store that sells rollers, but recently decided to link to my favorite shop in the condition they give some kind of discount to readers of this blog.

This shop is Dr. Roller SHOP, and you will get a $5 discount on each order by using the coupon code ‘newroller’!

You do not need to worry about their products, I can tell you they are genuine. In addition, their prices are the cheapest that I’ve found, and they ship worldwide (from Europe).


  1. Hello,

    I’m interested in beginning needling for 3 primary reasons. The face – collagen & wrinkles repair & the body – stretchmarks. I plan on purchasing a 1mm for the face & a 1.5mm for the body. My question is whether it’s necessary to also buy the 1mm 3-line roller for around the eye area or can I get away w/ the full 8-line because I also want to be able to use it on the rest of the face as well (trying to save money here). Thank you for your assistance.

    Your “Contact Me” is not working…keeps saying “wrong code”

  2. Hi. I can get away with an 8-line around my eyes also (it’s perhaps a bit tricky but doable – you just pull the skin under your cheekbone and then roll). But for the eye area a 0.5mm is more ideal. Maybe if you roll the 1.0mm lightly you’ll be able to pull it off. BTW, I started by using a 0.5mm for the face and 1.5mm for the body.
    Hope this helps… (Thanks for informing me about the ‘contact me’ link. I’ll check it right away).

  3. Hi. I ordered a ZGTS Titanium derma roller from the website you recommended but it doesn’t look like I got the 10% discount. Is the deal only for the Dr. Roller brand or something?

  4. @Anonymous

    Did you remember to type the coupon ‘homeroller’ on checkout?

    The discount is not applied automatically. You have to type in the coupon name to get the 10%. You should see it just before you confirm the payment.

  5. Hi, I really need this dermal roller for my arms and legs for scars that are dark colored, my c section surgery scar (which is a different type of scar) and also my face has large pores and wrinkles so I wanted a good one. Could you tell me what size you feel would be appropriate? Do I need to buy two? Also, I am leaning towards buying a zgts titanium but you said the needles are thicker than most and then you might need to buy a size down? Should I pay a little extra for the Dr. Roller? Please help!
    p.s. I couldn’t get you email to work. Keeps saying wrong code.

  6. @diana sounds like a 1.0mm would be a good start for you, it can be used on the face or body, and you won’t need to buy two. You might need a numbing cream or solution for that, though (see my latest post). As for the model, I always recommend Dr.Roller, I think it’s worth the little extra. BTW, when I say the needles are thicker I do not mean longer. 1.5mm is always 1.5mm (in length), it’s just that when the needles are finer/thinner (in diameter) the skin gets less irritated. For dark colored scars you will benefit from applying some kind of serum and vitamin C solution. Hope this helps you.

  7. SCAM??
    I ordered the Dr.Roller 1.5mm and the ZGTS 2.0mm from your website. Got them today but I am really not happy.. now the package says DO NOT REUSE-DISPOSABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My researches in the net stated that the decend ones meant to last several months the ZGTS even longer due to the titanium content. Eighty something $$$ for that?? I don’t want them if that is the case!
    The ZGTS did not even have a manual included.

  8. @Anonymous It is definitely not a scam. While all derma rollers (including THE dermaroller-TM) OFFICIALLY say “Do not reuse”, still, all the rollers I bought easily lasted me 6 months and usually even longer (I just made sure to disinfect them every once in a while). My guess is that as a part of some FDA regulation the manufacturers are forced to state “not reusable” and “disposable” on the cover. I wouldn’t worry about that. As for the ZGTS, it does not usually come with a manual.

  9. I found a 2.0mm dr roller on amazon… is this a scam? I ask because on the dr-roller-shop.com website you supplied, the rollers only go up to 1.5mm. Thanks!

  10. They actually have the 2.0mm rollers, maybe it was just out of stock for a while.

  11. Hi, has anyone ordered a dr. roller from the shop above? How was the service?

    1. Refills? If you mean when to replace the roller with a new one then it depends on how often you’ve used it. Usually it lasts for at least 6 month. When you feel that the needles have lost their sharpness it’s time to buy a new roller.

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