Is it safe to use a skin needling roller at home?

A skin needling roller is a medical device, but if used properly and responsibly, it is no more dangerous than a depilatory device or a shaving razor.

This does not mean, however, that you can simply buy a roller and start using it as you like.

Right after I ordered a roller for the first time, I began researching as much as I could about it. What I discovered is that there is mainly a lot of misinformation and contradicting answers on the internet regarding even the most basic questions such as, where on the body the roller can or cannot be used, how often it should be used (how long you need to wait between treatments), how long a it lasts, how often to sterilize it, and so on.

It took me a long time but I was finally able to come up with answers to most if not all of these questions.

The information on this blog is based on other sites as well as my own experience with the dr.roller, feel free to browse the various posts but remember to always be critical about what you read online! The ground rule is: if the website also sells the rollers – be extra doubtful about the information it gives!


  1. hi! found the link to your blog via makeupalley. loking forward to seeing your results. thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi! I would like to buy a Dermaroller, but I’m still not sure if it is safe. Please, would you help me answering some of my questions?
    First, is it necessary to apply some pressure and get bleed? Or is it enough to use it softly? Will I get any results on my stretch marks if I use it softly?
    I’ve saw 2 videos on youtube. This first video looks like a medieval torture:
    This second video is less terrifying:
    Is that ok if I use Dermaroller like on the second video? I saw on your blog that you are using Dermaroller for your stretch marks. How much pressure do you apply with your Dermaroller?
    Sorry for making so many questions, but I really need help! I really would like to have a better skin, but I’m also very realistic: I don’t want to go through a medieval torture to look pretty! I just would like to have my stretch marks less noticeable, with a little pain if necessary, but not killing myself with those needles!
    Thank you very much!

  3. Hi Andrea! I’ll try to answer your question, you’re basically asking how much pressure to apply when rolling.

    The short answer is “Until it gets red”.

    Red means inflammation, which is good because it means your body is reacting, producing collagen etc.

    I suggest that you start rolling gently and then gradually increase the pressure AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE (Don’t worry about pushing too hard. If the needles are 1.5 mm long, then it means the MAXIMUM it can go is 1.5 mm deep, which is safe).

    Regarding bleeding – If your skin is thick enough like mine then you will not get any bleeding, and that’s OK too. You don’t need to bleed to get results, just be sure that you are applying enough pressure.

    If you’re worried about the pain just use Emla to numb the skin.

    I hope this makes sense to you.

    (BTW, what needle length are you using? I wouldn’t recommend anything above 1.5 mm)

  4. Hi!
    Thank you very much! Your answers were very helpfull! I will start rolling softly until I get brave enough to increase the pressure a little bit. =)

    I will try it without Emla (just using a cold compress), then I’ll buy Emla only if necessary. If hope the pain is similar to hair removal, so I’ll get used to it very easily!

    I was thinking of using the 1.0mm needle length. Do you think the 1.0mm is enough for soft stretch marks and a little of flaccidity?

    *Sorry for any mistake, english is not my first language!

    Andrea Chaves

  5. Hi Andrea

    I think it’s a good idea to begin with a 1.0mm roller, especially if you’re not going to use Emla. Then switch to a 1.5mm if you see you are doing OK.

    For me 1.5mm is way too painful to use without Emla and I have THICK skin, but they say women tolerate pain better than men, so… 🙂

  6. Hi

    I have a quick question, how soon after chicken pox should I start using a roller?

    Any help is appreciated.



  7. @J, I don’t know about chicken pox but in general before using a roller on your skin you must have no active skin condition. You will need to wait until it’s all dried out. I would also wait a few extra months to see if the marks actually become scars because sometimes the spots can heal by themselves, leaving no scarring.

  8. is the procedure safe against bacteria such as the flesh eating bacteria associated with Staph? Since the skin is essentially raw and vulnerable till it heals up.

  9. About Staph, I really don’t know, but why would this bacteria be there at the first place? Just disinfect the skin and roller with some alcohol, the tiny holes created by the roller get closed after a short period anyway.

  10. Hi there,

    I’ve just got my first facial treatment today using derma micro-needle roller since it’s given free under my facial package that i’ve sign up earlier this year. The feeling is like few needles has been continuously poking my face again and again even with numb cream been applied on.

    Anyway, my question is:
    1) if I were to purchased one of the roller how does we know whether
    it is the safe products in the market (means its made from the safe
    item not simply made with cheap plastic or rubber thingy)?
    2) how often can we actually using the roller, weekly or monthly;
    3) with what must we use it E.g; serum, moisturizer or toner?
    4) finally, is there any other solution we can use as an antibacteria
    with it other than alcohol?

    Your reply on the above is highly appreciated.

    Sue Harith, KL Malaysia

  11. Hi, I’ll try to answer your questions –
    1. To avoid low quality rollers order from a reputable web shop. Go for the known brands, i.e. Dr.Roller, MNS, ZGTS etc. If you’re going to the Dr.Roller I have a post about how to make sure it’s genuine here:

    2. How often you can roll depends on the needle length. If it’s 1.0mm use it 1-2 weekly. If it’s 1.5mm, once every 3-4 weeks. 0.5mm can be used 2-3 times a week. 0.2mm can be used every day.

    3. Don’t use a toner or moisturizer! If you must, use a serum designed for use with a roller (or natural essential oils).

    4. You can use Barbicide (used in hair salons to disinfect tools) or the stuff used to disinfect baby bottles (can be bought at any pharmacy).

    Good luck with your treatment! Would love to hear about your progress.

  12. Thanks for your answer and its helpful to me you can get more information abut how can we use derma rollers by bllow

  13. Is it safe to use a 2.00 MM derma roller on very thick skin, such as on the outer thigh? I have an unresponsive scar there that is NOT affected positively even with 8+ months of use by the 1.5 MM roller. I have noticed little improvement compared to the scar on my side where the skin is thinner.

    I feel a slightly deeper roller used with less frequency but with more overall power vs. using the 1.5 MM roller a lot would help. But I’ve heard it may not be safe…is that true? Thanks.

  14. Try it, there shouldn’t be a problem in such areas, but it will be quite painful…

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