Top 5 (Facial) Sun Creams

In the days after dermarolling (and in general) it is advised to protect the skin from the sun. Especially when rolling delicate areas such as the face and all the more when the reason for the rolling is hyper pigmentation (usually rolling and applying lightening agents). Over the years I’ve

Making My Own Calendula Baby Oil

Just a quick note about Calendula Oil from last post. Since the Weleda Calendula Oil is not cheap, I decided to make my own oil at home. Turns out it’s really easy, and actually I now prefer to use this oil, not only because it’s cheaper, but also because I

Does It Work? – Calendula Oil

Let me share you in on another secret. Another oil actually. And it’s not that I hadn’t used this oil before, I just didn’t realize up until recently just how useful it was. The whole story started about 6 months ago with a few red spots on my skin –

Does It Work? – Coconut Oil

You know, if you ever followed this blog, that I had used various sized dermarollers up until about a year ago. I used them on my stretch marks, on a scar I had on my leg, and even on facial pigmentation. But I then stopped rolling because my stretch marks

Dermaroller example session video back online!

Hi everyone, I know I haven’t been active lately.. It’s just because I stopped using dermarollers (except for a 0.25mm roller every now and then on my face). So why this post? Because I just re-uploaded the video in which I show how I roll my upper-thigh stretch marks.Thanks for

Whitening Cream Update!

In my last post I talked about starting an experiment to try and eliminate some VERY stubborn pigmentation spots on my right cheek, right below the eye, with a new product called “elure” and a 0.25 mm derma roller to help speed up the process, and I promised to update

Dermaroller Scar Treatment – My Results

I promised to show you the results with the dermaroller on my scar. About a year ago I wrote that I was going to try treat a (wound inflicted) scar on my left leg with a derma roller. Since then it has greatly improved. Here’s what my scar looks like now, compared

1 Year of my Blog! Year Summary!

This month my blog is celebrating its first year (can you believe it?), so I think it’s time for me to try and sum up my whole derma roller experience and tell you what I think about it so far. (After all, you might remember, this blog started as an

Derma Roller for under-eye dark circles?

If you suffer from dark circles under the eyes then you know how frustrating they can be. They make you look older than your age, and people constantly tell you that you look tired (even if you just woke up from 12 hours of sleep). I myself suffer from this,